Facebook Attribution Now Available to all 2018 (Worldwide Release) by Frankie Baeza

You can use Facebook Attribution to:

  • Assess the impact of cross-device behavior

  • Identify best-performing campaigns, publishers or channels

  • Identify best-performing campaigns and platforms within Facebook's family of apps and services

  • Determine the estimated incremental impact of Facebook campaigns

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Lessons Learnt From Being a Linkybrain 🔗🧠 by Frankie Baeza

We have all been victim to terrible psychographic surveys in which an employer tries to fit your personality into 1 of 4 matrix.

There has been a phenomenon spreading for those that do not fit into these boxes. For those that observe, think big and connect with humans. For those that cannot sit infront of a screen for 8 hours a day. We are called linky brains and I'm going to tell you more about my life to date on the positives and negatives it has had on my career. 

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Lessons Learnt From Employment - Part 1 by Frankie Baeza

My first interview out* of uni took place in a co-working space office in Kings Cross, the day started with an introduction to the company and it's intentions by Steffan Aquarone and Will Grant the founders of Droplet. There mission was to create a business that allowed users to pay businesses & each other on there mobiles. The technology was clean cut and very well designed albeit ahead of its time.

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Lessons Learnt From Trying - Part 9 by Frankie Baeza

Until receiving a place at university, I had never finished an exam. From Secondary to College, and once I found out that I was dyslexic I became quite bitter towards the whole education system which made my life as well as my madres a complete nightmare. Continuous threats of expulsion for poor performance in school was something I was used too, especially throughout college. I'm very proud that I managed to complete a "Higher Eduaction" even though there isn't 1min of lectures I can say taught me anything worth knowing. My completion of university is thanks to Youtube.

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Lessons learnt from trying - Part 7 by Frankie Baeza

It's been exactly 2 years since I last wrote about my brother getting meningitis, a lot has happened since but reading back on my past blog posts has made me decide to continue to write the story in sequential order. This does mean I have to delve further into my memories which will be tough but ultimately therapeutic and a chance to reflect on how I have got to where I am now. The happiest I've ever been.

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Lessons learnt from crying by Frankie Baeza

There are no words to describe the feeling in my stomach when receiving a call from my mum telling me that my little brother Marco, who was 5 years old at the time, had been admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis...

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Lessons learnt from trying - Part 6 by Frankie Baeza

One of the difficulties in having Matt as a business partner was the fact that his home was in Jersey. A beautiful utopian island, situated in the English Channel, endless surf, fresh fish and ultimately another millionaire/billionaires playground. A place that, through my friendships, I have become fond of and have also recently found out that my future aunty will be marrying my uncle there. So it is a place close to my heart. However…

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Lessons learnt from trying - Part 5 by Frankie Baeza

Observing other clothing companies brought me to the assumption that a photo shoot was necessary. I asked three of my course mates to get involved in exchanged for a free hat each. The old-school chopper we used in the shoot was lent to us by a local bike shop.It was located right next to our halls and we walked past the beauty that was displayed on the window every day. Myself and Matt had no real reason to use the bike other than wanting to ride it round Bournemouth. So after a week of convincing Bernard the store owner, we put down a £100 deposit and took it with us. Part of the deal was that the models would wear tops sold by the store hence the horrific jumpers they are all wearing...

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Lessons learnt from trying - Part 4 by Frankie Baeza

During my first ever freshers fair I met a student in his fourth year called Nilante. I guess this was my first ever experience of networking and it was a very important thing to learn. Nilante had started a clothing line called Musically Motivated so naturally I had intentions to learn from him and ask him questions to assist me in finc, which at the time was still an idea being drawn up...

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Lessons learnt from trying - Part 3 by Frankie Baeza

Our three first designs consisted of: Gunners for the Arsenal (GREATEST TEAM IN THE WORLD...Sike), Hammers for West Ham, and SpɩЈrs for Tottenham.

Now you are thinking what is “SpɩЈrs”, well at 18 years of age you tend to think of the most hilarious techniques to bypass an accussation of copyright infringement.

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Lessons learnt from trying - Part 2 by Frankie Baeza

My first day arriving at my university halls was Saturday 17th September 2011, there were no feelings of anticipation or nerves. Mostly due to the fact that I still didn’t know how I’d been accepted into a university and more so because I had no desire, at the time, to continue studying.

The first things my house mate Mikey remembers of me is the fact that the first box I brought into my room was full of hats. There was no stopping me, from a market of grannies to a building full of freshers, if there were any place to make some money it would be here.

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Lessons learnt from trying - Part 1 by Frankie Baeza

I really didn’t want to ever go to university, in fact to this day I still have no idea how I managed to get onto an actual course with the my A-Level results.

Rewinding back, to when I came to the end of my studies at Woking College in 2011. There was a broken and discontent person inside of me that really felt every book, question and fact that I tried to digest from the teachers simply wouldn’t happen the way it was expected to. Ignoring all the complications this caused at home (My mum is and always will be very passionate about education) against all odds I managed to complete the courses I had started. 

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